Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Obama speaks tough on terrorism and the right attacks him. Kevin Drum says, "The dynamics here are certainly turning deeply weird, aren't they?" and that the candidates may start "bending themselves into a pretzel" concerning the issues.

Things have been weird for some time now, particularly for McCain and the GOP. I've used the word "pretzel" repeatedly for months to describe the current state of politicking, as the far right has forced McCain to twist and contort on positions in hopes of appeasing the strident base (threw olive branch to religious right, tax cut waffling, waterboard/torture flip-flop, to name a few). Now we see the right criticizing the endorsement of seeking out and destroying terrorists simply because the other side favors it. What next from the kooky far right? And will McCain twist so much he'll eventually snap?

Obama should be fully prepared to expose the two-sided mouth of McCain. Straight-talking maverick, my arse.

Speaking of McCain, looks like he's run into quite a few problems (click here and here and here).

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