Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The retroactive telecom immunity passed 61-37 in the Senate. McCain voted against the removal of immunity -- no surprise there as he continued his attempts to woo the base. Obama voted for for the removal -- bravo! And as for Hillary, well she didn't vote.

Huh? I'm sure she had a good reason for missing what was to be one of the more important Senate votes in recent memory, right? Hmm, I wonder what she believed was more important....

Look, this was a must-vote. Her abstaining speaks volumes. Much has been written about how her campaign has been filled to the brim with telecom contributions. Do we really need four more years of blatant corporate enabling?

But what about the so-called "rule of law" that the other side hounded her husband with for years? Hell, they impeached Bill over lying about a BJ! Yet here she was apparently too busy to uphold the last remnants of our Constitution. What courage! What independence!

Obama has just moved that much closer to being my pick in November. This unfortunate pass by Hillary is unforgivable.

Oh, and notice the only other senator to abstain? Lindsey Graham. Why wouldn't he vote with all of the other Republicans? Yup, I think he's going to be McCain's running mate (McCain needs to win over the rabid right, not Graham, who can keep some distance from the third rail).

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