Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Another paradox hoisted upon us by Bush/Cheney:
There is a paradox in the current situation in Iraq. We are told that the surge has worked brilliantly and violence is way down. And yet the plan to reduce troop levels—which was at the heart of the original surge strategy—must be postponed or all hell will once again break loose.
The original "bargain" to the American people was please go along with this brief, temporary surge in an effort to reduce violence and allow for political progress, and then we can bring troops home. Another lie told. Just like Bush's tax cuts which were to expire or have a limited lifespan -- once the end comes near, he tries like hell to make them permanent. This administration has pulled this move time and time again, going with the supposed temporary and then pushing to make it permanent.

So here we have the success of the surge which was supposed to mean troop reduction, and yet now they say to do so would mean Iraq explodes into bloody mayhem. If that's what they believe, it seems like they could've deduced that same line of logic back when they were instead hoisting that stuff about a surge success would mean troops come home. It's all just lies fed to the public (and Congress) and we go along.

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