Friday, March 14, 2008

Many have written how Admiral Fallon's resignation is just one more step down the road to eventual war with Iran. In other words, McCain may have been right with his little jingle.

Perhaps an even more credible source, one who believes war with Iran is inevitable thanks to Bush/Cheney, is former chief weapons inspector in Iraq, Scott Ritter. Read an interview he gave just this past December by clicking here. Scary stuff.

Oh, and with the price of crude oil nearing $110 and many experts saying it doesn't square with supply/demand dynamics, you have to wonder how much geopolitical risk premium is baked into this price. Markets are not often dumb or clueless and this recent run in oil could be an indication that the earnest saber-rattling has begun. And don't forget, with Fallon out of the way, Cheney now embarks on a Middle East tour -- hmm, what will be discussed? Peace??

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