Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Rush encourages (suborns) perjury.

This oafish slob has sunk to the depths of brainwashing his audience of morons to commit a felony.

I ask again, whatever happened to "the rule of law" this crowd supposedly held in such high regard during the Clinton/Monica fiasco? I recall Rush and his side screaming till red in the face about needed respect for our legal system, yet we see over and over again that it was all a joke. They could care less about our laws, whether it be Rush himself with his Oxycontin scandal or Libby's pardon, or the "lost" White House emails, or the illegal eavesdropping, etc. etc.

I don't know what's worse, Rush endorsing this unpatriotic, illegal act to corrupt our electoral process or the thousands of idiots who blindly follow his orders, not for one second questioning the larger meaning of what they might be doing, much less the hypocrisy (imagine their reaction if Randi Rhodes implored her listeners to do the same vs. the GOP). When will Rush's listeners wake up and realize their rotund radio god is simply an evil, power-hungry egomaniac who uses and abuses his minions like unwanted kitchen utensils?

Whether it's legal or not is an important point, but not THE point. His listeners shouldn't have done it because they should've known it was wrong, period. If Rush told them not to pay their taxes, would they likewise oblige?

Ladies and gents, I give you the extreme right, i.e. the GOP's base.

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