Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Tweedledee and Tweedledum

Twins, joined from the shoulder down.

As Dan Froomkin wrote today:
McCain has put a lot of effort into ingratiating himself to Bush and his base. And he has virtually abandoned any major policy differences, choosing to hew a line nearly identical to Bush's on the most seminal political issues of the day....[P]olls show that 79 percent of Americans say the next president should set the nation on a new course rather than follow the direction in which Bush has been leading....Bush is damaged goods, deeply unpopular not just with Democrats but also independents, and the walking embodiment of what Americans evidently are eager to put behind them.
If the idea of change is what makes Obama so popular, then the lack thereof should be McCain's Achilles' heel. Whomever ends up becoming the Dem nominee, he/she should repeatedly drive home the message that McCain = four more years of Bush, and that alone should seal his fate.

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