Wednesday, March 26, 2008

With Cheney it continues to be open mouth, out comes reprehensible bilge. We were recently treated to our illustrious VP flipping us the bird by uttering "So?" to the years of most polls showing the majority of Americans opposed to Bush's war. Now we have Cheney trying to claim that GW is bearing the biggest burden when it comes to this Iraq debacle ("The President carries the biggest burden, obviously"), not the soldiers or their families.

We're supposed to believe this from a president who has stated, "You know, I don't worry all that much, other than what I just described to you. I attribute that to...I've got peace of mind....I'm sleeping pretty good."

At this point when it comes to Cheney is there anything left to say? We've seen Micky Edwards, a former GOP congressman, write that he's known Cheney for decades but doesn't know who this guy is anymore. We've seen other former colleagues do the same. This is one VP who has truly gone Manchurian or Dr. Strangelove.

On a related note, Dana Perino recently said of Bush, "He gets a report about every single soldier who passes away, and he always pauses a moment to think about them and to offer a prayer for their loved ones and their family and friends."

Are you kidding me? Does she expect us to believe he gets this report, on each of the 4000 dead soldiers, and that he's taken 4000 moments of respectful silence? C'mon, give me a break. Sounds more like because he's not troubled much by this war and is sleeping quite well, they need to fabricate the most ridiculous warm-and-fuzzy images to compensate for this unfortunate fact. And I suppose there are many who believe it, sadly.

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