Sunday, March 30, 2008

When recently asked if we, the U.S., would try to stop Israel if they came to us saying they needed to attack Iran, VP Cheney said, "I don't do hypotheticals."

Interesting. Hypothetical means something involving conjecture, and yet Cheney states he doesn't "do" or deal in such things.

Hilarious. When they say we must fight them there so we don't have to fight them here, what do they think that is -- a fact? Uh, that's clearly a hypothetical, used to scare us no less. And what about his 1% doctrine? The fact is they've been using hypotheticals for years to instill fear and drum up the worst kind of nightmares to get us to oblige, to give up our rights and just go along. Oh, and how about global warming, where thousands of scientists have shown it to be real yet Cheney prefers instead to treat it as a hypothetical, one involving just conjecture...?

Clearly he's "doing" hypotheticals, but only those of his own choosing.

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