Thursday, October 21, 2004

How Dare He!

As with the Cheney daughter nonsense, the right-wing fringe folks are attempting to fan the flames and fabricate another "how dare you!" situation with Sen. Biden's "brain dead" comment. In criticizing Bush's actions on drug policy, Biden uttered "he is brain dead."

Of course, the GOP was outraged I tell you! Just furious! How could he say such a thing?! "Sen. Biden should be ashamed of his below-the-belt rhetoric and personal attacks on the president," said David Crossan, executive director of the state's Republican Party.

Note this segment:

Many of the union members and retirees who attended the rally didn't think Biden's comments were out of line.

They said in the past they often crossed party lines to support the late U.S. Sen. Bill Roth, a conservative Republican who spent more than three decades in the Senate, and continue to vote for U.S. Rep. Mike Castle, a moderate Republican. However, they would have a hard time supporting Bush, they said, because of his administration's policies.

That's right, the folks cheering for Biden in the audience have in the past voted for Republican-backed bills, only this time they -- like most people not brain dead today -- realize this administration is extreme and WAY off course.

But back to Biden's "heinous" comment, my response: 1) it's almost factual, and 2) give me a break! For eight years, we had to listen to Republicans malign and bash Clinton, using all kinds of colorful adjectives and descriptive nouns to describe him. Oh, and they never crossed the line?! Yeah, right. A-holes.

Nearly everyday, the GOP proves again and again that they're the party of hypocrisy. They behave as if we all have amnesia, not able to recall their behavior in years past. Fact is you have to be brain dead to allow yourself to be manipulated by them.

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