Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Oliver Willis is throwing down the gauntlet when (and if) it comes down to a Kerry/Edwards administration. Apparently, K/E stated they'd appoint some Republicans to show the era of ultra-partisan government is over. Willis feels this noble goal is simply foolish, stating "If we win, we make them play by our rules."

I understand where Willis is coming from with this stern urging, however I've always been one for "two wrongs don't make a right." Yeah, it may sound naive, but it's much more than that. Would any Democrat WANT to belong to their party if it started to morph into the disgusting, repulsive, lizard-like party that the GOP has devolved into?? And due to human behavior, once you head down that road of consolidating power, it's often difficult to turn back, implying watch what you wish for you just may get it (i.e. a morphed, repulsive party).

Finally, I've written before about how there's a very good chance that the GOP will implode over the next few months, irregardless of who wins the election. There is growing unrest within that party that is currently staying quiet for obvious reasons. However, if Kerry wins, the sh*t will eventually erupt as more moderate party members finally begin to speak up and demand change. If Bush wins, the same should likely happen only it will take longer. Again, either way, there's evidence that power players within the GOP are fracturing. As the Iraq situation worsens, as the federal deficit grows larger, and as DeLay sinks into further legal trouble, more than a few Republican sharks will begin to close in on the "extremist" prey.

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