Thursday, October 28, 2004

The Sierra Club is compiling a list of 100 environmental reasons to NOT vote for Bush/Cheney. They're up to #95. Please visit and read through this list. It's incredible.

And don't fall for the lame-o right-wing excuse that much of the environmental problems in our country today cannot be blamed on Bush/Cheney, but rather have been occurring for MANY years -- not just the last four. Look, we've had documented success over the last 30+ years in terms of cleaning up the environment and we've since seen in the last year or two documented evidence that this progress has halted and reversed on many fronts in just the last four years. In addition, it goes without saying that the many reversals and changes this administration has conducted on existing environmental laws and regulations will not show their repercussions until many years in the future. It's the same thing with someone taking vitamins: they're not going to show results in just the few weeks or even years after the start of taking them, but rather the beneficial effects will become evident over the ensuing decades.

It's ludicrous to even have to explain this stuff but trust me, with many right-wing folks, you have to lay out what's obvious!

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