Monday, October 18, 2004

Regarding the nonsensical, blown-out-of-proportion "outrage" surrounding the Cheney gay daughter mention, Margaret Carlson wrote in the LA Times:

Kerry/Edwards "realize that discussing Mary Cheney is a no-lose proposition: It highlights the hypocrisy of the Bush-Cheney position to Democrats while simultaneously alerting evangelicals to the fact that the Cheneys have an actual gay person in their household whom they apparently aren't trying to convert or cure."

She's exactly right. Mary has served as a perfect symbol for the rampant hypocrisy within the GOP as well as the archaic, kooky position they hold toward homosexuals -- that being they can be "cured" of their "deviancy." If Dick Cheney embraces his daughter's lifestyle and refuses to condemn it, then evangelicals should take him to task for siding with Satan. If instead he were to outright condemn his daughter, then he would immediately look like an awful father and an intolerant, shallow, caustic, brutish man. Quite a pickle.

To further show how off base the Republicans have strayed on this one, purposefully attempting to make a mountain out of a mole hill, look no further then a quote by a former top executive at the Christian Coalition, of all places:

"I find it hilarious, ironic and shameless that those who have long employed gay bashing as a political tool are feigning their outrage over Kerry's sensitive notation of Cheney's daughter's sexual orientation. This is truly a moment of desperation for the Bushies. On the one hand they are sending out gay bashing mail and on the other hand they are sounding like charter members of the Human Rights Campaign. You've got to laugh!" - Marshall Wittmann

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