Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Question: if the first presidential debate focused on Bush’s supposed strength, foreign policy, and we know how "well" he performed (smirk), what will the second debate look like as it’s focus will be domestic issues?! How could Bush possibly look BETTER?!!

Also, tonight’s debate will be the first ever "VP vs. President" debate. Let’s face it, tonight Edwards will be debating against the real leader in charge of the United States. In that sense, the debate will be a Catch-22 for Bush supporters. Given what happened last Thursday night, where Kerry clearly demolished boyish Bush, if Cheney ends up doing well versus formidable Edwards, it will then be staring everyone in the face who should’ve actually been president the last four years. With Cheney hitting a home run tonight it will in effect make Bush’s horrible performance look that much worse! Bush supporters will awkwardly find comfort in that they’re really voting for "impressive" Cheney come November, NOT the actual president. Pathetic. It will force them to admit what they’ve wanted to deny. (They need to be reminded that Cheney has had multiple heart attacks and major heart surgery, and that he was rumored to be dropped from the ticket). The other half of the Catch-22 is if, like Kerry to Bush, Edwards clearly defeats Cheney, leaving the Bush/Cheney camp with an 0-2 debate record.

A beautiful thing.

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