Thursday, November 18, 2004

Calling Mr. President....

The United States has intelligence that Iran is working to adapt missiles to deliver a nuclear weapon, further evidence that the Islamic republic is determined to acquire a nuclear bomb, Secretary of State Colin L. Powell said Wednesday.

Separately, an Iranian opposition exile group charged in Paris that Iran is enriching uranium at a secret military facility unknown to U.N. weapons inspectors.

Uh, if memory serves, Iran is one of those "Axis of Evil" nations and I believe we invaded one of those three due to suspicions of harboring WMD -- right? By all accounts, the evidence that Iran is building nuke weapons is every bit as credible (!) as the pathetic stuff that passed as intel re Iraq. What do we do now? Thanks to getting bogged down in Iraq (reminder: the AofE country that didn't have WMD), we now don't have the resources to actually do something about this serious problem facing us. And don't think Iran hasn't known this fact all along.

Way to go GW, Cheney, and the neocon lunatic fringe in power! Why is Powell choosing to mention this in the press, soon after his resignation announcement? Could it be an "FU" from him to the administration, a subtle "I told you so" to further make known his reluctance concerning Iraq?

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