Monday, November 15, 2004

Shocker! (Not)

Colin Powell announces he's outta here. Well it's about time. They've had him locked up in the basement for so long I'm surprised he's still alive.

It will be interesting to see if he'll remain fairly quiet in the weeks/months after his exit, or will he immediately begin the long and necessary process of repairing his well-tarnished reputation. Powell has no one to blame but himself for the ruin of his credibility; it's what happens when you associate with a bunch of incompetent buffoons. I'm sure he fully realizes he was in much better hands with Clinton/Gore, but all of that is past history.

What's truly frightening are the names being tossed around for his replacement, namely Rice or Wolfowitz. As with Goss, who stated he was not qualified to head the CIA before he was installed as head of the CIA, we'll see if this administration rewards those officials who should've been fired!

Side note, I wrote the following about Powell on Sept. 28th:
One Way For Kerry To Win, Instantly....

How? If Colin Powell were to suddenly resign. Think about it. It’s universally understood and accepted that Powell has lost all credibility and respect since being a part of this administration. Whereas prior to the Iraq debacle, most people, no matter the political persuasion, could at least take what he had to say at face value and believe that he was telling us the truth (at least as much as a political figure can tell the truth). Despite the fact he was not for the Iraq invasion and has labeled the Neocons in power “f*cking crazies,” he nonetheless complied and helped to shuck the crap that passed as intel. His willful negligence in this regard can never be forgotten or forgiven. At least others, like Richard Clarke and Paul O’Neill, had enough dignity and self-respect to say enough is enough with this pack of psychos, but not Colin. For whatever reason(s), he has remained, though his whereabouts in the last several months remains in question (he’s currently serving the role of the crazy aunt locked in the cellar).

Powell could regain much of his stature and respect if out-of-the-blue, without consulting anyone, he called for a press conference and announced his resignation. Such news would be unprecedented in an election year and absolutely drive home a strong message, namely that to reelect GW given the state of affairs in the world would be a dire course of action for this country. Kerry/Edwards would be able to jump on this obvious implication of “no confidence,” hammering away to the point where even Karl Rove would be at a loss to spin it.

It would be a beautiful thing. We would be able to forgive Colin for many of his past indiscretions as we could assume this was his devious but righteous plan all along (even if he denied it). He’d be forever remembered for such a move. Granted, many would hate him with a passion and others would dedicate their lives to making sure his life was ruined, but it’s the price he should pay given what he’s done over the last few years. Ultimately, he has time to make amends.

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