Thursday, November 04, 2004

I'm sick and tired of hearing the worn out GOP talking point that goes like this, "I'll admit that Bush is far from perfect, but you have to give me someone I could consider voting for." This canard offers much insight into how the right-wing folks "think" (granted, an activity kept to a minimum). They assume they're the side that needs to be catered to -- um, what about us? You comprise 51%, and we 49% -- get over the stance that it's more like 70/30 or even 55/45. I could vote for a Republican if you didn't give me the most strident right-wing, extreme, religious-scary, incompetent guy to choose from in history! You see how this works? It cuts both ways, but of course in their narrow view, it's everyone else (incl. 80+% of the world) that needs to modify and conform to THEIR perceptions. Their statement implies that we (Left) were given a likewise decent (!) & palpable alternative to choose from -- a laugh!! Go ahead, call Kerry "liberal," and certainly Bush/Cheney are HARD right, but then with regards to competence and intelligence -- no contest, you lose. Fact is, comparatively, we gave you a finer choice to consider than what you gave us. To believe otherwise is simply non-reality-based. So, enough with us not providing a fine enough buffet for you to feed from -- you offered us, and the world frankly, 3-day old pot roast, at best. Quit pretending Bush/Cheney is tenderloin filet.

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