Sunday, November 07, 2004

With the GOP preaching comes their bedrock belief it's all about winning. They generously offer us a list of items on why we lost and what we should do about it. What they don't see (much because they see trees for forest, i.e. they're too close) is whereas their side (ala Rove) is all about winning at all cost, any way possible, we however are not. Yes, we want to win (duh), but we want to do so playing fair, using facts not lies, not resorting to hatchet jobs on candidates (see McCain in SC).

See, we wouldn't be able to sleep at night if we conducted ourselves like the way the GOP/Rove operated. It appears Karl Rove sleeps like a baby (he's been doing this stuff for many years) and perhaps much of the Republicans are simply ignorant to the truths about their own party (or wish to remain in denial). So be it, they can win and yet be wrong and have behaved wrongfully about many things, it simply doesn't bother them. As has been said for some time (and was shown by Newt Gingrich when he was in charge), power (or winning) is everything to the GOP, period. Machiavelli is #1 to them (even before God or Jesus). I assure you, Karl Rove is reading "The Prince" each night before bed, NOT the Bible.

So please right-wingers, enough of the lecturing and gloating. We just don't play the game like you folks. (Trust me, that fact by itself annoys many a right-winger; they want us to likewise play dirty so they don't "look" (feel?) bad, like the bully who pummels away at the guy who refuses to fight back). Sure, we'd perhaps have a better shot of winning if we distorted more, lied more, enforced secretive laws and restrictions more (to hide things), had a 100% (not 96% or 98%) partisan TV network (Fox) at our beck and call, appealed to the publics most vulnerable emotions (fear, going to Hell, hatred). But alas, we don't, certainly not in any way to the degree that we've seen from the Republicans. Why do you think Bush supporters more often than not don't even know what GW truly stands for re the issues? (answer: because the GOP machine (Rove) are so good at twisting and distorting). Look, when was the last time you heard of a Dem in office who spoke out against his/her party because it was drifting too far off course? But we've heard many more Republicans muttering such language, further showing that all is not lost and that there are still some moderate folks in the GOP ready to make waves (note: during first term, intense pressure is there to behave; this pressure is greatly diminished in second term, lame duck possesses MUCH less going-forward power).

Sure we'd like to win, but to do so according to the GOP playbook?? No thank you, would rather be a "loser." As my blog title clearly states, I'm about informing of the truth -- not circulating whatever garbage it takes to manipulate enough votes to achieve electoral victory. A BIG difference, but the right-wingers undoubtedly scratch their head in befuddlement....

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