Thursday, November 25, 2004

Two more senior officials departing the CIA (well, it's one way to overhaul the agency -- have longtime vets exit). Oh, and soldiers to be shipped to Iraq have stated they haven't been adequately trained. From the LA Times, "a number of the soldiers said, is that the training they have received is so poor and equipment shortages so prevalent that they fear their casualty rate will be needlessly high when they arrive in Iraq early next year. 'We are going to pay for this in blood,' one soldier said." Moving on, a front page story in the Washington Post about the lack of funding for EPA's Superfund program, "Lawmakers recently voted to give the program $1.257 billion, $8 million less than last year's budget. Rep. James T. Walsh (R-N.Y.), who chairs the Appropriations subcommittee that oversees Superfund, said that the White House did not actively lobby for the extra $150 million Bush requested, and that appropriators could not devote more money in light of the tight budget. 'We can only spend what we have,' he said." Ah yes, another in a gazillion instances where Bush publicly states support for something but then does very little to actually lobby for its passage.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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