Monday, November 01, 2004

From James Wolcott:
If Bush wins, I'm going to allot myself 48 hours to mope and dread--okay, 72--okay, maybe 96--but 96 tops--but after that it'll be time to get on mental war footing. If Kerry wins, do you think conservative Republicans are going to take to their beds for soul-searching? They have no souls to search, most of them. No, they'll be scheming to ratfuck a Kerry presidency, and if history is a reliable guide they'll have allies in the elite media who can't wait to start snarking over Teresa as First Lady and the timidity of Kerry's cabinet picks, whatever. Reporters and pundits who've paid scant attention to the casualties and carnage in Iraq will suddenly find their consciences tucked away in a file drawer, and start wondering when Kerry will show the strength and resolve we expect from our leaders. They will hound him about Bin Laden in ways they never did Bush.

So true. I've said this months ago. In many ways, if you truly like Kerry as a person, you will wish that he loses tomorrow. Why? Because the Republicans and the media will stop at nothing to make his next four years in the White House a living nightmare. We saw what these GOP creeps were capable of doing with a Democrat who presided over eight years of prosperity -- can you imagine what they'll do to a Dem that has to clean up the many messes left by GW? They'll try to persecute him. And do you think the media will rush to his aid, to point out the hypocrisy and rightly remind everyone of the complete incompetence of the prior administration? Oh yeah right, to think the media would make amends for their pathetic negligence during these past four years -- you've got to be dreaming.

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