Saturday, April 23, 2005

Arnold has taken a page from the GOP playbook by making a statement that would have high-impact for certain voters (in this case, close the borders), but then a few days later offering up a lame apology or retraction.

Republicans -- always playing the public, and more so their voters, for fools -- have realized they can gain big points with a specific targeted crowd by making such alarming statements, and yet can later wipe the slate clean for the larger public with a more widely covered and broadcasted apology. It's an insidious wink-wink ploy delivered to key voters while also providing cover in that the politician can always say he/she misspoke. Those who want to believe the initial statement do, and those who wish to concede or accept the subsequent apology do, and the GOP ultimately wins. See?

Meanwhile, I noticed Negroponte was confirmed by the Senate with the vote count 98-2. Yes, 98% of the Senate. This despite Negroponte having all of that Honduras/contra baggage.

Remember this the next time you read or hear some right-winger complaining the Dems are playing partisan politics regarding Bolton. If Negroponte can pass by an amazing 98-2 for intel czar, just how bad must Bolton be for the Senate to postpone his proceedings? And now Colin Powell has reportedly come out with less-then-flattering words concerning Bolton.

If the Dems cave and let this guy through, then they're not only spineless but they're also just dumb. Many Republicans now realize Bolton is not fit for the job, and yet if they see the Dems giving in, they'll realize they'll be able to push anything through, no matter how bad (that's if they don't already believe this).

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