Tuesday, April 05, 2005

If the election for Congress were held today and the candidates were Republican Tom Delay and someone else, for whom would you vote?

Tom DeLay (R)

For someone else

Not sure

Source: Zogby International / Houston Chronicle
Methodology: Interviews to 501 voters in Texas’ 22nd Congressional District, conducted from Mar. 30 to Apr. 1, 2005.

If he's taking a hit in his own district, how can GOP members possibly rationalize backing this guy? Assuming his hometown supporters are already a bit on the fringe to vote for DeLay (safe statement), what does it say when even they wake up and smell the burning coffee?

Not a stretch to point out some parallels with Newt's rule of the House: achieved power than repeatedly overstepped until self-destructing. The big differences are 1) the GOP is in a MUCH more powerful position this time around (duh), and 2) Pelosi and Reid do not make a Clinton (as a foil), not even close. Therefore, DeLay's half-life is longer. However, that said, DeLay is in much deeper than was Newt, both in number of transgressions and the extent to which he crossed he line.

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