Thursday, April 21, 2005

Recently, speaking about Saudi Arabia's capacity to produce more oil, Scott McClellan said, "You have to look at the situation in Saudi Arabia....," and before I finish his sentence, I thought I would take him up on his offer and look at the situation in Saudi Arabia -- only about another matter. As has been reported in the past, SA lags behind the new Iraq when it comes to actively promoting liberty and democracy for all.

Why does GW and his administration continue to trot out his sound bites about spreading freedom globally when he/they continue to look the other way when it comes to SA's abysmal record on this subject? Example:

Dozens of Saudi men caught dancing and "behaving like women" at a party have been sentenced to a total of 14,200 lashes, after a trial held behind closed doors and without defence lawyers. The men were also given jail sentences of up to two years.

And this:

Abshir Hassan, a 29-year-old London bus driver, has accused Saudi Arabia of executing his brother Abdel-Fatteh and five other Somalis last week without ever telling them that they had been condemned to death. Only when they were about to be beheaded did they learn their fate, he told The Independent on Sunday.

Where's the harsh condemnation from GW? Rather, the Saudi prince receives an invite to the ranch in Crawford, Texas.

Back to McClellan's quote, he said, "You have to look the situation in Saudi Arabia as well, and I think most people recognize they are producing at near capacity already." However, Saudi officials imply that they have room to spare when it comes to extra pumping capacity, and GW himself has echoed these same sentiments. Who is telling the truth, McClellan or GW and the Saudis? For how long must this key question remain a mystery?

Instead, we're treated to this odd game of poker, where it appears winks, nods, and bluffs are occurring regularly. The fact remains the price of oil doesn't lie and despite the Saudis paying lip service when they periodically state they will do what it takes to get prices down, oil prices continue to rise, as if laughing at these assertions, revealing them to be empty statements. My bet is they're at near full-capacity right now so get used to the high prices at the pump.

By the way, guess which country ranks right behind Iraq as a top supplier of oil to the U.S.? Coming in at #7 behind Iraq is Ecuador. Huh, you say? Yes, Ecuador (which by the way provides us with nearly twice the amount of crude as better-known Kuwait). Go here to read what's going on there as the country is filled with political turmoil right now. I just wonder if we'll invade there next; after all, our oil imports are vulnerable.

Oh, but that's right, unlike Iraq, Ecuador doesn't have WMD nor were they tied to 9-11....

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Fox Directory said...

Saudi arabia legislated in 2005 to keep beheadings on their statutes..that said about everything.