Sunday, April 24, 2005

Interesting. Frist is now caught between the religious right and corporations. To please evangelicals, Frist has been threatening to use the nuclear option to end the filibuster in the Senate. However, business leaders have come out saying they oppose this move.

It once again shows what happens when the GOP goes too far to the extreme, believing they can appease one group of strident voters without alienating or adversely affecting the remaining majority of U.S. citizens. They do not even remotely attempt to represent the country at large but rather to strictly cater to those smaller divisions of highly-motivated and influential voters, namely corporations, the extremely religious, and the very wealthy.

As I've predicted since last November's election results, the GOP will fracture and implode, and I continue to see signs of this occurring. Just look at the Bolton affair: we've seen Republicans disagree and break free from their usual highly-partisan stance. Shays has come out against DeLay (as has the Wall Street Journal and even Santorum). DeLay has threatened to underfund those judges he doesn't like, crippling them, and yet many Republicans (Snow, Collins, Chafee, Specter, Hagel and even McConnell) are not on board. Hagel and Lindsey Graham have come out against Frist's "Justice Sunday" (today) appearance. Meanwhile, McCain continues to reach across the aisle, realizing 2008 is fast approaching and the better candidate by then will be the one most non-GW/Rove-like, meaning warm-blooded, above-board, and reasonable.

The implosion will happen -- and it's as if the Republicans can't save themselves from themselves. It happened with Newt and it's happening all over again. Once you tip the scales too far in their favor, they run with it, right over the cliff.

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