Thursday, April 28, 2005

Sure there's plenty of hypocrites in Congress, but does any of them beat DeLay? He's got to be one of the biggest in history, behaving as if he wants to clearly win that title. The latest: Mr. anti-Castro is spotted smoking a Cuban cigar. He's gone from being a scummy bully to now just a laughing-stock. Anyone who continues to defend this jerk with a straight face cannot be taken seriously, about anything.

Moving on, the Washington Post reported 2/3's in a poll are against the GOP's nuclear threat to end the filibuster. Ahh yes, another poll showing the public greatly opposed to a GOP siding -- can this be a blossoming trend? Has the public finally sniffed the smelling salts? Another piece to the eventual implosion.

CIA officials apparently had several run-ins with Bolton regarding Syria (among other countries), forcing him several times to re-word speeches concerning WMD allegations. It's THIS kind of stuff as to why he must be rejected, the fudging and chicanery when it comes to intel. My question is: at the UN, will there be safeguards to reign him in?

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