Thursday, April 21, 2005

Today's Wall Street Journal has an editorial defending Bolton and casting harsh criticism on nearly all involved in the hearings. What's glaringly missing, of course, is any substantive answer to not just the several abuse allegations, but more so that Bolton intimidated those who presented intel he didn't agree with (haven't we seen enough of this type of behavior in the lead-up to the Iraq invasion? Does this administration really need one more bully?). More revealingly, the Journal complains that the Republicans are screwing up the confirmation process by not insuring enough arms are twisted to expedite the cause:
We should add that Mr. Bolton would nonetheless be sailing toward confirmation if Republicans on the Foreign Relations Committee were doing their job. Senators Dodd and Biden are running rings around Chairman Dick Lugar, who should know on the day of a vote whether he has enough support to prevail. His defense of Mr. Bolton has been so weak that we almost wonder if he doesn't privately wish for the nominee's defeat.
Well, perhaps Lugar does wish for his defeat, with he too realizing Bolton is a poor choice. However, it's been reported that Lugar had been pushing for a vote until it became evident that Bolton would've faced certain defeat. In fact, the Dems would've likely loved for a vote to have taken place.

Never mind that Sen. Chaffee (R-RI) rightly stated, "I don't know if I've ever seen, in a setting like this, a senator changing his mind as a result of what other senators said. The process worked. It's kind of refreshing."

Tisk tisk. Truth is the Journal would prefer the GOP to use their power to ram-rod nominations, basically tagging Lugar and Hagel as wimps -- what high-minded thinking! It's all about the fight, never mind whether or not the person in question is in fact best for the position.

With GW's numbers in the tank and the tide turning against the GOP, I can only hope they continue to listen to the wise words found on this editorial page.

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