Monday, April 04, 2005

As if we didn't realize they were already radical, both Andrew Sullivan and Kevin Drum comment on the "theocons" and their ever-increasing threat to our freedoms. Sullivan states, "The very foundation of modern freedom -- autonomy over one's own physical body -- is now under attack. And if a theocon government won't allow you control over your own body, what else do you have left?" And Drum writes,
It doesn't matter if you've made your wishes clear. You should not be allowed to control your own destiny. Period. After you cut through the often subtle language, that's what's left. Once again, the reductive view of life this crowd clings to — life as mere respiration at one end and as mere genetic sequence at the other — takes my breath away. If they won't even let me control my own destiny, why should I let them control anyone else's?
If this trend continues, soon Iraq will have more democratic liberty and freedom than the U.S. We aim to rid some countries of repressive theocracies, yet that's exactly what we're becoming. Don't expect the wingnuts to see the irony -- they're used to missing the forest for the trees.

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