Wednesday, October 12, 2005

  • "Call it environmentalism, Bush style. A new federal tax credit will help allay the extra cost of purchasing hybrid vehicles, but the Byzantine formula for calculating the savings provides greater financial incentives for buying heavy SUVs than more fuel-efficient cars."

  • Recruiting efforts has dropped off so much thanks to GW's Iraq debacle that the Army is now borrowing personnel from the Air Force.

  • "The U.S. administration is spending about $7 billion a month to wage the war on terror and costs could total $570 billion by the end of 2010."

  • From Harpers:
    Year in which perfluorochemicals, used in Teflon and other nonstick products, were first introduced : 1956

    Percentage of U.S. children who now have one of these nonbiodegradable chemicals in their bloodstreams : 96

    Minimum number of prescription drugs currently under investigation for Medicaid price-gouging or marketing fraud : 500

    Percentage markup that Abbott Laboratories charged in 2001 on solutions of sodium chloride, i.e., salt water : 20,735
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