Monday, October 31, 2005

Many liberal bloggers are writing about the expected heated war to occur over the nomination of Alito, with Dems ready to throw the gloves off and really mix it up.

Although I hope they're right, I just can't fathom how it can happen. The Dems have been soggy wet noodles for as long as I can remember, all bark no bite. Sure, during the hearings we may see lots of grandstanding for the cameras, but will we see them go nuclear? Will we see them fulminating on TV and radio, not in a controlled, paced manner ala Schumer, but in a passionate, piercing delivery? Will they orchestrate a unified, all-front attack that will effectively register with the public? Or will they instead opt for coma-inducing meet-ups and sit-ins?

Sorry, I have near zero faith in Reid, Pelosi, and Dean when it comes to such things. A first step could be connecting the dots for the public to see with regards to polls showing most Americans in favor of choice and yet this president nominated someone who would overturn this majority sentiment. They need to spell out how GW is repeatedly about pleasing the minority at the expense of the majority. He takes care of the select few special interests first, whether it be the ultra rich, oil executives, friends and cronies, or in this case, religious extremists. The big moderate middle -- which is most of us -- is of little use or concern to him.

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