Thursday, October 06, 2005

  • House ethics committee has decided they won't investigate DeLay. Reason: "We don't have the resources." Ahh, but they seem to have unlimited resources to investigate Democrats, specifically with the last name of Clinton.

  • "Prediction: at least three high level Bush Administration personnel indicted and possibly one or more very high level unindicted co-conspirators."

  • I've been saying for weeks that the land down there in New Orleans will, unfortunately, be toxic and uninhabitable for many years to come. (Similar to the air around 9/11 WTC site for weeks/months after). One can only hope that people are informed of the facts, else we'll have many a lawsuit down the road against the government (which you and I will pay for).

  • More Americans are beginning to wake up and ask: "Why isn't energy conservation a higher priority?" And not just lip-service via GW but passed into legislation.
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