Saturday, October 08, 2005

The more things change the more they stay the same. We've seen this before, the House holding open a vote for an extra 50 minutes past schedule to strong-arm fence sitters. It succeeded as the bill passed by a razor-thin 212-210 margin. It's reported that DeLay was instrumental in all the behind-the-scenes, sleazeball shenanigans. The bill was another in a series of gifts (from taxpayers) to the already bursting-with-profits energy companies. Sacrificed: environmental regulations and the federal budget.

As we saw with CAFTA and the prescription drug bill, the House continues to defy accepted rules and make up their own procedures as they see fit, extending vote deadlines to get their way. Imagine the outcry if Dems were in control and pulled this shit. Also, the emphasis remains on producing more oil and not conserving what we use. As energy companies would want it, the #1 message is CONSUME, with weak, maudlin pleas to conserve getting just lip-service with no serious legislation passed to encourage this "virtuous" behavior.

The runaway train that is the GOP-controlled Congress continues to race us towards the grim abyss....

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