Thursday, October 06, 2005

George Will recently criticized Bush in a NY Post piece regarding his selection of Miers, and Peggy Noonan recently did the same in the WSJ. Ho hum. Yeah, we're supposed to raise an eyebrow when GW's buddies lash out at him, but I'm not buying it.

What I believe is all this right-wing bluster is simply meant to blunt any frontal attack from Democrats. With the likes of Will, Noonan, and Trent Lott not pleased, many a liberal is going to think Miers can't be that bad. Don't fall for it!

Look, Rush Limbaugh was initially hesitant but it took a stunt like Cheney calling in to his radio program to allay any doubts, saying Miers "has a conservative judicial philosophy that you [Limbaugh] would be comfortable with." Effectively, this was a wink-wink "trust me" moment directed at Rush. Cheney was reassuring Limbaugh that she won't be another Souter (I love how the right deems this as such a heinous thing).

I am willing to bet that Cheney and his thugs metaphorically threw Miers up against a wall, forearm hard against her throat, and menacingly threatened, "You will NOT pull a Souter -- kapisch?!"

It's almost certain that she will most likely be like Thomas: a Scalia lackey. She'll change a few words but ultimately write decisions that more/less mimic that of Antonin. The fact that she lacks the impressive qualifications or seasoning as a prior judge makes her less likely to be impervious to the imposing influence of the brutish Scalia. Also, it stands to reason she might be more impressionable since there's less of a for-the-record stance on anything. Besides, like I said, I'm certain GW & Cheney et al have given her firm, definite marching orders, specifically addressing the now infamous Souter tendency.

Sound sexist? Nope, I'd say the same if it were a male with similar lacking qualifications or known positions (picture FEMA's Brown). The fact is because of Souter, there is now much less of a chance of a future Souter. He's become such a bugaboo and poster boy of what could go wrong that great measures are now taken to insure against it. I mean heaven forbid you have someone who's moderate and reasonable....

No, better to have a Scalia, who's stridently partisan enough to pen the Gore 2000 decision, a legal abomination. Mark my words, odds favor Roberts pulling a Souter much more so than Miers (not that either will necessarily become moderate).

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