Saturday, October 08, 2005

I think Chad might be on to something:
I'll be the first to say that my skills for political analysis are pretty much on par with my aptitude for Nigerian basket-weaving: both are non-existent. Which is why I feel comfortable saying that I think Miers is a set-up.
I think Bush has chosen a nominee that he expects will be shot down. On the chance she is confirmed, she's still a strong conservative voice on the Supreme Court.

However, if rejected, how much harder would it be for the Dems to shoot down a second, more qualified (and possibly more conservative) nominee?
As I referred in a prior post, say what we will about GW's unimpressive intellect, the man does get advice from some pretty cagey and shrewd folks. If Chad's right, in the confirmation hearings, look for the Republicans to do the heavy hammering against Miers. By doing so, they'll throw red meat to the highly upset voter base and at the same time insure Miers' sinking, allowing for a second go-around with a more qualified on paper, and more hard right leaning, nominee.

While this outcome could be very negative for the Dems, let's not forget that there's some extremely explosive stuff going on that could erupt into huge news. Reports are that one or more high-ranking Bush official will soon be indicted -- this in addition to the DeLay indictments and Frist stock scandal.

I thought GW said in 2000 he was going to clean up Washington? It looks as dirty as Texas air to me.

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