Thursday, May 11, 2006

Dems, don't be afraid of the fear-mongering

John Dickerson is the very bland political writer for Slate. He recently wrote:
It is important to investigate the ways the Bush administration has used and abused its executive power, but it is much more important not to talk about those investigations when you're trying to launch your policy agenda. It's unbelievably tactically stupid.
Dickerson feels if the Dems wish to do well in November that it's best if they stay silent about any hint of investigations.

Wrong. They should flat-out state it, be clear and forceful, and aggressively confront and answer any GOP attacks. Recall that this is how Clinton/Carville successfully fended off many a GOP ambush. Don't run from this need for investigations, pretending as if it doesn't exist or that it's not necessary. It's an election issue handed to the Dems on a silver platter by a president with record low poll numbers, several unfolding scandals, a public record of lies and deception -- it just doesn't get any more winnable.

So don't misread this fact and try to play it safe -- go for the throat. With these guys, you have to!

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