Thursday, May 04, 2006

  • "Taliban Threat Is Said to Grow in Afghan South" Isn't it great we diverted attention and military resources away from where the Taliban has always resided to instead focus on Iraq? Just naked incompetence.

  • Regarding Frist's genius idea to send $100 checks to taxpayers due to higher gas prices, John A. Boehner, the GOP majority leader in the House: "Over the weekend, I heard about it from my constituents a few times. They thought it was stupid." The proposal is dead -- can we finally declare Frist's inane hope of one day being President as dead?

  • "President Bush last week announced that he wanted the authority to raise fuel economy standards on automobiles. One aide acknowledged the idea was devised on the fly, with almost no planning or discussion among relevant agencies."

    Another example of an administration that wouldn't know how to go about crafting effective, informed policy if Clinton or Gore showed them how.

  • Great news: "Last month, big S.U.V.'s and pickup trucks were among the vehicles that had the sharpest sales drops. The Ford Explorer was down 42 percent compared with April 2005. Sales of the Jeep Grand Cherokee declined 41 percent. Sales of Ford's top-selling F-Series pickup fell about 9 percent last month, as did sales of the Nissan Titan. The Chevrolet Colorado pickup was down almost 30 percent."

  • So BushCo has commissioned 21 studies to resolve the scientific evidence concerning global warming. Whelp, the first one has arrived and -- sound the horns -- it's in favor of the overwhelming consensus within the non-oil-industry-funded science community.

    Odds are the other 20 studies will be completed on a one-per-decade schedule.

    Meanwhile, BushCo will play up to the hilt this sponsored effort. Never mind the fact that tons of peer-reviewed evidence already exists. Bush is simply stalling as a favor to corporate special interests, and at the same time looking to be viewed as progressive & science-friendly. Quite the snow job.
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