Monday, May 08, 2006

In the latest USA Today poll, Bush hits a new low at 31% approval.

A few weeks ago, I felt GW's poll figure would only get so low because there's a hardcore base that's simply brain-dead and will forever approve of Bush no matter the level of his incompetence. At that time it was 33%, so it's fast approaching my guesstimate of 30%.

That said, this latest poll offers some revealing (encouraging) news:
"You hear people say he has a hard core that will never desert him, and that has been the case for most of the administration," says Charles Franklin, a political scientist at the University of Wisconsin who studies presidential approval ratings. "But for the last few months, we started to see that hard core seriously erode in support."
BushCo is so bad, so rotten, that the awful stench is awakening the zombies. There is some hope after all.

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