Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Last night, Keith Olbermann was discussing the latest move toward fascism, that being AG Gonzales' threat to prosecute reporters concerning classified leaks. Legal scholar Jonathan Turley had this to say on the topic:
What's amazing, Keith, is that you have the Attorney General who's been accused of participating in a criminal enterprise. Many experts, including myself, have said that the NSA surveillance program -- the one that he's making veiled reference to -- was a criminal act, committed with his assistance. Now he's saying that he may use his office to go after reporters who reveal such things about people like him.
Yes folks, this is what fascism looks and sounds like. Paranoid, misinformed, twisting logic and reality as means to an end, using power to trash laws that prove to be inconveniently in the way, wielding rhetoric to threaten and instill fear -- yup, it's all there, textbook stuff.

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