Saturday, May 06, 2006

I give you the party of family values

Whereas the Hookergate scandal was once just simmering along under the radar, media coverage has since picked up just a little (!) thanks to the sudden resignation of Porter Goss as head of the CIA.

Why the abrupt and unexpected exit? Could it be Goss is somehow connected to the above-mentioned scandal? (read here and here and here for back-drop, with the quote (dated April 27th) that the scandal could implicate "one person who now holds a powerful intelligence post.")

We'll see how this latest scandal unfolds. But talk about hypocrisy and poetic justice! The supposed party of family values, that endlessly panders to those more righteous than the Pope himself, seemingly caught up in another repugnant scandal. And this one involves not just hookers but Watergate! Just too much.

But of course, if this story involved Clinton or Dems, we would've seen it splashed all over Fox News and other outlets for the past several days. Yet, even with this resignation, let's see how often the MSM mentions this Hookergate scandal at all. Lord knows, it certainly doesn't rise to level of importance as Patrick Kennedy smacking up his car.

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