Tuesday, May 16, 2006

There appears to be quite a bit of confusion by the public concerning the recent NSA revelations. Depending on how the polling question is phrased, the answers can often be conflicting or at odds. Just give it some time, the public (hopefully) will digest the facts and come to realize the many wrongs here.

At least at this initial stage regarding this unfolding issue, it's interesting to see many Americans willing to give up their rights out of fear. Wasn't that the case in Germany, pre-World War? A good deal of the public may not yet realize the extent to which this NSA program has violated the law and basic civil liberties, with most just assuming it's at least something worth sacrificing for the sake of increased safety.

But a huge factor driving this fear is this administration's wonderful job of convincing Americans that our intelligence infrastructure is broken and that we're vulnerable because of it. The fact is it wasn't and is not. Our intel was pretty darn good pre-9/11 and post. We've seen all the evidence that did forewarn of an attack, and we know of all the good intel that warned against Iraq -- which BushCo buried and distorted. The "lifer" CIA agents did excellent work; it's the political operatives installed in high places who by design messed everything up and are to blame.

The end result being Americans feel more vulnerable than they should. Yet, BushCo doesn't mind, not at all, if anything encouraging and pushing that paranoid feeling of fear any chance he gets. Thus, Americans are more willing to relinquish their rights and Constitutional freedoms. Don't forget that many Americans only a few hundred years ago fought and died to secure those same rights and freedoms for us. For shame to now give them up so easily at the hands of men who have a long track record of lies, deception and illegal activity.

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