Tuesday, May 02, 2006

USA Today has its poll out today showing President Bush's rating at just 34%, a new low for the poll. The paper points out that since 1950, Gallup (which conducted the poll) has documented six times when a president's approval rating was below 50% in the spring prior to a midterm election. In all six instances, his party lost seats in the House.

Of course, these prior six times were pre-blackbox voting machines, so all bets are off on continuing the 100% perfect run. Re fishy, recall also that before GW, the taller presidential candidate was undefeated as voters always favored the taller candidate via TV viewing (debates, etc.). Kerry and Gore were both taller than Bush.

The poll showed Democrats leading 54%-39% among registered voters who were asked which party they would prefer this November. A 15-seat switch would give the Democrats a majority in the House.

And if as expected the price of gas continues to become a hot issue leading up to elections, then this question and result are quite interesting:
Who do you trust more to deal with the issue of gas?

Democrats 51%
Republicans 28%
That's huge. The old saying people always vote their wallets / pocketbooks....

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