Monday, December 10, 2007

As I've written here before, perhaps the most worrisome repercussion stemming from the serial lies this administration peddles (only to be eventually caught and forced to eat crow) is their credibility is completely gone and as a result any threats or dangers actually facing us, requiring serious scrutiny, are likewise treated with scant belief, a case of baby tossed out with bath water.

In effect, real and growing geopolitical risks do not get the mature, sober consideration they merit due to the narrow agenda perpetrated by these partisan, maniacal neocon clowns. A country as dangerous as Iran is allowed to escape or get a reprieve from worthwhile international pressures, and heck even look good (or better), thanks to the idiotic, deceitful, Three-Stooges-like bungling of Bush/Cheney.

It's this continued trashing of our country's global standing and the willingness of other nations to believe in our statements that has exposed the United States to more danger, not less. These crackpot thugs have made us less safe by allowing their repeated screw-ups and reprehensible lies to sidetrack what are the true, real threats facing us, thus taking the focus off these threats as we instead focus on the hair-brained screw-ups and lies.

For us to be safer in this day and age, it's not so much a matter of weak vs. strong in leadership, but rather competence over dumb, clueless, cheap maneuverings that equate to sheer insanity. Enough!

Thankfully the intelligence community certainly understands this imperative, and with the release of this report despite being delayed and scuttled for over a year by the Dark One, they too have decided enough is enough. They fully understand that this loose-cannon rhetoric, riddled with nonsensical fabrications, makes us and the rest of the world less safe. It will be one of the lasting ironies of the past eight years.

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