Friday, December 21, 2007

Bill O'Reilly predictably took his "War on Christmas" hysterics to Massachusetts, or what the wingnuts love to regard as the home of Ted Kennedy, oodles of liberals, and high taxes. All for the sake of stirring up the intolerant juices with the religious right -- his core viewing audience.

But meanwhile in the lovely red state of Georgia, where they voted for GW in 2004 by a sizable 58%-41% margin, we have this story. School football coach John S. Hayes, 42, "loaded several middle schoolers into the back of his pickup truck, and drove them around after dark and damaged Christmas displays. Christmas displays were smashed and slashed. The group even positioned several homeowners’ displays in X-rated configurations, including placing reindeer in sexual positions."

Yikes! Wouldn't you expect O'Reilly to be all over this heinous news item? I mean reindeer placed in sexual positions, this is just awful! I assume he's sending a TV crew down to Georgia ASAP to show his audience how such deviant acts against Christmas can occur even in a Bush state.... But then I'm not holding my breath. Yawn.

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