Sunday, December 16, 2007

Interesting. In the poll I mention below regarding Huckabee, the Republican presidential candidate who appears to give the Dems the most trouble is none other than John McCain.

Whereas months ago, McCain did plenty of damage to his campaign by cozying up to Bush and making nice-nice with the likes of Jerry Falwell, he's been able to hang around and remain viable -- thanks in large part to his woeful, quite pitiful competition. They've turned out to be a bunch of unelectable, scary prospects. And their willingness to say and/or do anything to win over their kooky base makes McCain's earlier panderings look tame in comparison.

In light of these flip-flopping suck-ups, McCain once again gets to project himself as the stalwart, straight-shooting maverick (although you and I know much of that is just bunk).

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