Tuesday, December 11, 2007

How did the intel community discover that Iran had halted its nuke program? A big reason has to do with a CIA-backed program called "Brain Drain," which was to entice well-placed Iranians to defect.

Kevin Drum comments further about the stepped-up efforts to obtain good info on Iran:
And why did we need a "major intelligence push" in the first place? According to Miller, it's because Bush dismantled the Iran Task Force set up during Bill Clinton's administration in order to focus all his attention on — surprise! — Iraq. "When Bush came in, they were totally disinterested in Iran," said a former CIA official who held a senior position at the time. "It went from being a main focus to everything being switched to Iraq."
How about that, Bill Clinton was on top of it way back then and of course Bush and his band of neocons had to disassemble it -- most probably because it was simply associated with Bill Clinton.

Well, we can file this genius move with the outing of Valerie Plame since she was hard at work spying on much to do with Iran's nuclear ambitions -- that is until Cheney and his buddies took care of that.

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