Friday, December 28, 2007

This past Sunday, Frank Rich wrote the following in his NY Times column:
We can only imagine what is going on inside John McCain’s head when he contemplates Mike Huckabee. It can’t be pretty. No presidential candidate in either party has more experience in matters of war than the Arizona senator, and yet in a wartime election he is being outpaced by a guy who has zero experience and is proud of it.

“I may not be the expert that some people are on foreign policy,” Mr. Huckabee joked to Don Imus, “but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night.” So much for the gravitas points earned during a five-and-a-half year stay at the Hanoi Hilton.
So let me understand this, Huckabee had the temerity to make this light-hearted comment, directed at a former war vet who happened to be tortured for years in a Vietnamese hotel. This statement could very well be more below-the-belt than the Swift Boat lies aimed at John Kerry.

For whatever reason, Huckabee felt the need to poke fun at McCain's harrowing "stay" at a hotel -- what does this tell you about Huckabee's judgment, about his temperment? Even if he didn't mean to mix metaphors with Holiday Inn vs. Hanoi Hilton, what kind of a moron would even go there? We already have a class-A dunce in the White House, do we really need another joking, smirking idiot for the next four years? With Bhutto's tragic death, it should be fairly obvious that the world is becoming increasingly more dangerous and complex and the last thing that is needed is a United States leader who is clueless and worse yet insensisitive and willing to toss out the ill-advised one-liner, hoping it buys him some time. Again, we've had eight years of this kind of "leadership" -- enough!

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