Sunday, December 30, 2007

Last week, the Washington Post ran a story about how the GOP was splintering in large part due to its incessant search for the next Ronald Reagan. Yes, this inane quest for reliving the past and finding the next Gipper has further thrown the party into electoral chaos. I say "further" because let's be honest, GW's nightmarish legacy has not done this party any favors. However, it's all just deserts since these clowns have supported this goon for the last several years, and they continue to support him.

As a result, we could ultimately end up seeing the Republican nomination process linger until their convention in early September. If so, and assuming the Democrats don't succumb to the same fate, it would allow the Dems to unify early and focus on the general election. Meanwhile, the Republicans would still have to attack each other through the summer months, wasting valuable campaign dollars on fighting each other and not the Dems.

Oh wouldn't that be poetic justice.

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