Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Did the order to torture come right from the top? Yes, according to former CIA agent John Kiriakou, who has been making the media rounds and discussing torture that has indeed occurred.

NBC's Matt Lauer asked him if the White House was involved in the order to perform torture and Kiriakou replied, "Absolutely. This isn’t something done willy nilly. It’s not something that an agency officer just wakes up in the morning and decides he’s going to carry out an enhanced technique on a prisoner. This was a policy made at the White House."

Just where and when do the lies stop, Mr. President? I suppose this guy is lying too?

More continues to come out about how the intelligence community and some other top-brass figures have apparently decided to reign in the madness of Bush/Cheney. Now we learn that several "intelligence career seniors" were fully willing to go to jail if the NIE report was not released.

Wow, threatening the White House with blackmail?! It's come down to this?!! And who would've thought that these folks would be saving us from further descending into a banana republic-type existence?

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