Friday, June 22, 2007

The Big Bail Out

Senior personnel are beginning to leave all areas of government and the expectation is for this pace to quicken very soon:
At least 20 senior aides have left important posts in the White House, Pentagon or State Department over the past six months, as chaos has deepened in Iraq. “There’s a real sense of fatigue and very little sense of purpose,” said a senior official, who asked not to be named. “My guess is you’re going to see a lot more departures.”
It's one thing to be a lame duck, it's quite another to be a slowly rotting carcass attracting flies. Where does this leave we the people in terms of governance we deserve? Granted, that same question could be asked about the last six years, but will there be one person left of any remote sense of quality to help guide an administration that effectively has become the Exxon Valdez? Can we possibly petition to have the presidential election this November, for the sake of the country? Bush, for one, would surely not protest the idea.

Yet, in some demented way, Bush may have done some good by insuring through his wreck-of-a-reign that we never, ever elect someone like him again. He has been so bad on so many fronts that one can only hope this lesson has sunk in, deep.

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