Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Regarding the outcry by the right for a Libby pardon, Dick Polman sums things up nicely:
So here’s the Republican bible on selective morality: If a high official of a Republican administration lies under oath and obstructs justice in order to impede a national security investigation, and to prevent a prosecutor from even determining whether an “underlying crime” had been committed,” that’s perfectly fine. But if a Democratic president lies under oath to impede a sex investigation (even when there was no underlying crime, since the sex with Monica Lewinsky was consensual, no illegal), those are sufficient grounds for throwing the president out of office – because, after all, perjury for any reason is not only wrong, it is also a violation of “the rule of law.”
Or as Glenn Greenwald succinctly puts it, "It is hardly surprising that the right-wing movement of which he [Libby] is a part operates from the premise that their comrades ought to be exempt from criminal prosecution even when they commit felonies."

Did anyone really think the Bill Clinton witch hunt was really about the GOP's sanctimonious concern for the rule of law? Laughable.

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