Saturday, June 09, 2007

The good news just keeps on coming:

  • Bush visits with the Pope amidst thousands of anti-American protesters. Over 10,000 police will attempt to keep the peace, but they're warning all U.S. tourists to not become easy marks. Yeah, I know, it's not Bush's fault one iota, this global anti-American sentiment, just a bunch of lefty, commie lunatics. F*ck'em, right?

  • Gen. Peter Pace is out. Gates blatantly admitted he didn't want Pace to have to answer the tough questions regarding the Iraq war. Better to duck accountability altogether. Keep running from it and hopefully it will become someone else's problem. I suppose it didn't help that Pace seemed to be quite the dunce, writing a letter in support of Libby (unheard of for military officer) and expressing his views concerning the "right" kind of sexuality.

  • Reports are that Turkey has been shelling northern Iraq and have crossed the border at least once to conduct fighting. Is this just one more thing to worry about, Turkey getting drawn into invading Iraq? Just when the U.S. is trying to calm Iraq down, we now have this news, which would certainly ramp up the chaos. Is this a new tact of the insurgency, to incite and suck in other countries? The situation just continues to worsen.
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