Sunday, June 03, 2007

Regarding Bush's latest global warming announcement, the conservative Wall Street Journal wrote, it "effectively removes the U.S. as the last doubter among big developed nations." Well let's give GW a medal!

But the fact remains, thanks to Bush the U.S. is far, far from the first real mover on the issue. This latest proposal is just more nothing dressed up as something.

Dan Froomkin wrote, "Bush's proposal calls for a new round of international meetings that would nearly outlast his presidency. The purpose of the meetings would not be to set caps on emissions, but to establish what the White House -- uncorking a bold new euphemism -- calls 'aspirational goals.' But a change in rhetoric was enough to generate some headlines about the administration's attention to the issue."

It was just more (black) smoke and mirrors, more kicking the can down the road to run out the clock, and yet look good doing it via duping the always-gullible "liberal" media that he actually intends to do something of substance and with teeth.

To get translations of what Bush really meant, click here.

On this subject of global warming, in the debut issue of Portfolio magazine, John Cassidy glibly writes, "I did a quick cost-benefit analysis of this presumed product of climate change...What about the costs? The only one I could think of was that a few people might have decided they no longer needed a winter vacation, which would hurt the airlines and the Florida tourism industry."

Why is it when I read about climate change, often the only item of concern referred to is the actual warming of the atmosphere, and then at times you do read about how this could be a good thing. Are these people insane? What do they think is causing the warming? It's not just CO2 (which I'm fairly certain we humans do not breathe in and benefit from), but pollution, toxins, harmful emissions -- all leading to health problems frequently resulting in death.

So next time you read or hear of this sort of pro/con debate regarding global warming, remember the issue involves much more than just about needing fewer sweaters in the winter.

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